SLC to Logan, UT


The  tabernacle complex appeared to be closed for renovation (temporary fences, scaffolding) so I’ll have to do that some other time.

Being a field expedient type of guy, I set a new pilgrimage destination ((a brewpub), where I had my first pint in months:

Oh, yes.

That’s a Helles, a German beer style that means “light” as in “color”, not as in light beer.  Dark would be “dunkel”.

Also had a decent pizza there.  Waiter was decent but not exceptional, as he was more interested in the hostess Continue reading “SLC to Logan, UT”

solar challenges


I mentioned that I am in the NF above Midway, UT.

Solar power yield had been marginal due to partly cloudy conditions and partial shading from the (birch?) trees.    The rare pullouts on this forest road are shallow and don’t leave a lot of room for solar-friendly placement:

shadecloth “awning” clipped to rack

Under normal circumstances I finish Absorption around noon.  In this spot, though, full charge had been completing around 4pm.

The weather turned bad Continue reading “solar challenges”

reflections on Cedar City

A couple things I forgot to mention earlier

Internet speed in Cedar City was crazy fast.  The walmart and laundramat both had some of the fastest broadband I’ve experienced.  I updated all my devices, up/downloaded everything that needed to be transferred.

Toilet paper and other essentials were about 75% stocked in Cedar City, the most I’ve seen since mid-March. Good to see.

Worker bees and many others were masked up.  The only place I saw no one masked up was at the NAPA auto parts store, where the clientele and workers were unmasked and seemed to be reveling in close social distances.  Seems like a self-limiting behavior to me.

mail forwarding delay knock-on effects

I was scheduled to move on from the Cedar City area today (hitting the 14day limit).  So last week I asked the mail forwarder to bundle and send my mail – this would put the mail at the local USPS (general delivery) on the day of my relocation/reprovisioning.  Win-win.

Normally the bundle would go out with that day’s mail, but in this case it got delayed about 1.5 days.  Then USPS tracking wasn’t showing it was picked up at all.

Then USPS tracking blew up completely: Continue reading “mail forwarding delay knock-on effects”