snowball –> 401k

I was paying off my credit cards at $1200/mo, plus any unused funds that might show up.

Once they were paid off I starting depositing that nut into a 401.k instead.  I knew if was pre-tax, but I was still surprised when I had $200 more (net) than before in my checking;  of course it’s the difference of the tax that wasn’t taken out.

I’ll increase the contribution to $1400 to take advantage of it.

Payday = pay off debt day

Making steady progress.

I got a respectable raise this month and poured it directly into debt payoff.  Also had about a $600 windfall and that went in, too.

So here is the nitty gritty from my spreadsheet:

months to cc payoff months to total payoff credit score
3.15 5.59 797

At my current rate I will pay off my credit card debt by the end of the year.  At that point my only other debt will be about $2k left on the motorcycle note.  So I will be debt free by March.

Then I snowball the debt payoff funds into savings to buy back the remainder of the military service time by Sept 1, 2017.

Working as designed, yo.

de-spamming, archiving data, DD214

This is the progress I made today:

  1. went through a folder of mp3 CDs, backed them up to disk, tossed the CDs, and put the disc folder in the donation pile
  2. unsubscribed from about 20 sources of unwanted email.  Not only will this help decrease my inet bandwidth use but it will help me focus by removing a distraction.

This is absolutely going to work.

My employer is having annual benefit enrollment right now so HR is hammered.  They will be done on the 12th so that next monday I will call and find out where to send my DD214.

Then I can request a quote to buy back my military time as a part of this retirement.  That will get me 45 months closer to retirement.  That would be Feb 30, 2025.  Holy crap.

I am finishing up paying off debt this year so I wouldn’t be able to buy it until next year.  Price will go up another 10% on Sept 1, 2017 so I’ll want to do it before then.