Municipality accidentally tells the truth

Storage of RVs and other vehicles are currently prohibited on vacant residential lots,” read a Township statement.

“A lot of municipalities have many restrictions…mainly (involving) aesthetics,” said Peter Young, Director of Planning, Building and Economic Development. “We get quite a few complaints (about this) in residential neighbourhoods.”

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The superficiality of NIMBYs

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Glendale residents say the RVs have been parked there for a while, creating an eyesore in the community.

“I think they make the neighborhood look very bad,” one woman told CBS2’s Reena Roy.

“I don’t think that they belong here,” said another.

“We started seeing one, two pop up, so what you see a lot of now is a lot of litter,” one man said.

What is more important, liberty or the aesthetic judgements of onlookers?  Do they also complain about neighbors’ BMI or ugly children?  If not, why not?

The litter comment posits a cause-effect relationship that may not be supportable by evidence.  If the RV folks (or folk in this case) litter then enforce laws against littering.

Article: RV parking and home values

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The Windsor Village Board voted to establish an advisory committee after a proposed parking ordinance proved to be more controversial than expected during a meeting May 3.

According to officials, some residents are worried that their neighbors’ large vehicles like motorboats, all-terrain vehicles, converted buses and vans, trailers and residential vehicles lower their property values when parked outside.
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Serious questions follow.

  1. Why do homeowners think it’s local government’s duty to protect their property values?
  2. Aren’t folks who are worried about property values by definition the folks the governments should be least worried about? They obviously plan to sell their house in the future.






enforce laws rather than targeting groups

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Berkeley police tell Marina RV campers to move out … or get towed.

Those who have berths at the Marina reported multiple and increasing numbers of altercations and threats — particularly from people living in these vehicles,” [Berkeley spokesman] Chakko said.

If folks are being threatened, endangered, or assaulted then deal with criminals ASAP whether they are homeowners, renters, homeless, or vehicle dwellers. Equal enforcement.

The fact that Continue reading “enforce laws rather than targeting groups”

Article: Portland Will Allow Overnight RV Camping and Tiny Homes on Private Property


In a sweeping change to Portland housing policy, City Commissioner Chloe Eudaly announced Sunday that the city will allow overnight RV camping and tiny homes on wheels, as long as they’re parked on private property.

She announced plans to direct the bureau to suspend enforcement of the relevant codes against sleeping in a vehicle while the city develops a more permanent policy.

  1.  suspension of the sleeping codes is a move in the right direction.  Rescinding them would be better
  2. allowing RV/tinyhomes on private land is good.  Allowing them where parking is otherwise legal would be better
  3. I love Portland.   It is my favorite city in the world.   Florence is 2nd.