local summit – Boise NF

Muffin and I took off to see if we could get to the top of the local summit, as seen in this pic:

The weather was a bit breezier and cooler (low 70s) than  it had been the past two days so it seemed like a good time for it.

We started off in that general direction but there was a pond in the way:

Not too exciting, but a low edge had been shored up with what appears to be scrap bits from a stone veneer business: Continue reading “local summit – Boise NF”

Twin Falls, ID

It was scheduled to rain last night, so I gathered up the campsite.  Since I was planning to head out in the next couple days anyhow, I topped off water from the campground and headed out.

The historic bridge as one crosses the Snake River and enters the city:

Stopped at Wally World for provisions.   Sunday morning, which is Continue reading “Twin Falls, ID”

a walk to the west

I’ve been wanting to walk up the hill to the west but an attentive bull has been hanging around the last several days, trolling back and forth on this side of the hill, vocalizing softly but constantly.   First day he appeared he looked straight at me and now he’s been hanging around.

Today he wasn’t there so I grabbed the daypack, the dog, and the Multipurpose Walking Stick and headed out.

The other day when I was looking on Google Maps I saw what appeared to be irregularly-shaped denuded spaces but thought it was an artifact of image stitching.  But I saw today they are really there:

looking south

digital zoom of the above: Continue reading “a walk to the west”

walking near Twin Springs campground

Muffin was getting a little weird, which usually means she needs to burn some energy off.  We walked a ways up the road to see what was on the other side of this sign:

text fades out near the end 🙁

Didn’t realize it at the time, but I think the white spot on the right edge of the pic is the van and picnic table structure.

We walked up the nearby hill “to see what we could see”.  There was a sign that said something like

West Jacobsville 1 mile -->
East Jacobsville 2miles -->

From the crest of the hill you could see for miles and I saw no kind of ‘ville.   [Note:  I loaded up Google Maps later and saw no ‘villes anywhere near, either. Maybe a historic reference? ]

There was a cattle guard at the crest, which Muffin now can cross although she doesn’t like to.  There were cattle nearby and she tends to bark and growl at them so we turned back in order not to disturb the livestock.

Took this pic as we turned around:

A travel trailer has arrived, there’s me, and the local cowherd’s trailer.  He was somewhere on his ATV with a roll of wire mending fencelines.

I was hoping this place was so run-down that there’d be no weekenders, but three cars pulled up in the last hour with a ton of kids, Big Gulps, and crookedly-applied bumper stickers.  They are currently failing to set up a large tent. It’s like watching the Keystone Kops go camping.

more about the water pump

Yesterday afternoon I was thinking about the best way to get, transport, and dispsense water from the pump.  Spigot bucket!

I took the bucket over and rinsed it out.  I paid a bit more attention to the process this time.  The dead-lift resistance on the piston is maybe 40# and this stroke is about 12″.   Luckily the big nail/spike inserted though the lift bar is at bicep curl level – not easy, but at least at a convenient height.  A little handle leverage would be welcome. 🙂  The top of the existing structure (minus handle) comes up to my eye level, so probably 5′ 8″.

The spike is easier to see in this pic.  It’s pretty rough on the hands, even with gloves on.  I tried to make pool noodle pads, but it just ripped through. Continue reading “more about the water pump”

Curlew national grasslands campsite near Holbrook, ID

As I headed NW out of Logan the hills got more rounded (older and more eroded?) and lost their trees.  Lots of tall grass and sage.  Hayfields and black angus cattle in the surrounding land.


This camp area appears to have previously been a maintained, fee-supported site but now has notices saying it’s not maintained, and it clearly needs some love.  One needs a machete to get from the gravel parking pads to the picnic table in 3/5 of the sites:

pic taken from the gravel parking area for that picnic area


“The campground is located on the Hudspeth Cutoff of the Oregon Trail”

The signs say the Hudspeth cutoff was supposed to save time on the Oregon Trail but was not effective.  It was used later by folks attending the Idaho gold rush.

There is a manual water pump that looks completely dead.  The (wooden?) handle is long gone, but someone inserted a spike one can use to brute force the plunger up and let it fall down.  I gave it about 6 strokes and water came out!  I’d boil/filter it, but it’s nice to have.  You have to want it though, as without the handle there isn’t any leverage.  All muscle work:

water in the depression is what I pumped out

Would be good if you had a kid you needed to tire out.