quick note


The van is ready but still have to get rid of stuff in the rental house.  Thrift store box van is coming by this weekend to take everything that is re-sellable.

Already sold tractor and pickup.  Only Honda motorcycle remains.


a text I sent my dad

yesterday [here] and el paso the high was the same but literally half the humidity of here .  ELP’s low was 8deg cooler overnight.  I think cooldown temps at night are really important

artificial (lack of) intelligence

A piece of paper landed on my android phone in front of a fan and it interpreted the flopping paper as typing.  Cut and pasted the results:

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Cruise control – road trip to El Paso

A bunch of things are happening right now.  Might end up in a mad flurry/launch or just a blip on the radar.  Much thinking will be required.

It starts with a road trip to El Paso in July.

To that end, I ordered the Rostra cruise control for the Promaster.  I’d been putting it off because it’s $300 and I wanted to catch it on sale somewhere.    I want to get it installed before this road trip.  Would be faster to fly, but I want to spend some time in the city, stealthing and looking around.

I also installed Camco paper towel and paper plate dispensers and found a grocery bag dispenser.


ventilation manifold project

I have been back-burnering an idea about a ventilation manifold.  I want to be able to pull fumes (battery, composting toilet) out of the van from multiple sources with only one exhaust post.  I ordered a 3in marine through vent, a 3in “Y”, and a 3″ sealed motor bilge blower.  A PWM motor control will help lower the RPM and noise.





article: housing vehicle

from this article:

“Some people may look at it as a recreational vehicle, but for us, it’s housing,” Batcher says. “We call it our HV.”

She’s sharing the “HV” with one of her 25-year-old twin sons and says operating the vehicle has had a learning curve…

Operating the RV has been “complicated, but you get used to it.”

She also talks about cooking approaches:

“I’m a big crock pot fan, but it requires too much propane, and in the winter, we didn’t want to use the propane for cooking,” Batcher explains. So, she headed to Wal-Mart to buy a pressure cooker — and it’s not your mom’s old pressure cooker, either.

“Pressure cookers scare a lot of people, but the new ones have great technology,” she says, noting she uses it not only for cooking but also for washing dishes.

Pressure cookers are incredibly useful in a camper.  I don’t know what she meant about washing dishes;  maybe using it as a sterilizer?

Her pic reminds me of a lot of folks at the RTR:  happy, content, and forging a good life with modest means.




gift horses with answers

from this post:

Having lived on the road for a year and a half I’m still dialing stuff in, but don’t talk to me like I am an idiot, especially if you aren’t on the road.

I get question burnout. People type paragraphs with answers that aren’t to the question asked. A lot of how to do it differently, a lot of answers that involve money I don’t have. I also see plenty of bad advice on the other board. It will be nice if this board doesn’t fill up with know-it-alls who have never left their driveway.

My initial reaction to this is the same as my reaction to complaints of “mansplaining”:  ignore questions from folks who are unlikely to put effort into understanding answers.

My second reaction is that Continue reading “gift horses with answers”

Fulltiming while employed?

[This is based on a post on CRVL.  It sat as a draft for a long time.  No longer my current thinking but will publish it anyhow.]

As it happens, I visited an RV park today.    It’s associated with a gun range so you get free range membership.  🙂
If I were to move out of the S&B I’m renting and go full time there in the van until my retirement:
  • my rent/utilities would drop $285
  • my gasoline costs would decrease by $60
  • I would shave 1.5hrs off my daily commute (7.5hrs/week, which is almost a day off).  The drive doesn’t bother me but losing the time hurts.
  • I could keep my dogbuddies there
  • it’s still in a semirural area although only 15mins from work.
My motorcycle is paid off on Sept 1, so the only debt I will have will be the van.  $285 + $60 + the finished bike payment funds would pay for the van note.  Compared to my current cash flow it would feel like a free van.
If I were to do this it’d probably be after the RTR.  Feb?  March?
Food for thought.