cows, no cows

Muffin and I took a walk up the road yesterday.  Some cattle haulers had gone that way earlier (fast, kicking up massive dust) and I could hear cows bellowing.

I am pleased there wasn’t much litter to pick up on the way.

there are many cattle in a pen in this pic (center right)

There is an old wooden corral on the right side of that pic.  I didn’t want to get the cattle riled up with Muffin or vice versa, so Continue reading “cows, no cows”

MSR Dragonfly fuel line replacement

I took the Dragonfly apart the other day to see what the fuel line was like inside that braid.

Today I picked up some replacement Gates fuel line.  This particular example is a rubber line with internal nylon braid, rated for 50psi with fuel.  I looked for the specs on the pressure the MSR hand pump can generate but found none;  I’d guess 2-3psi.

The issue here isn’t pressure, but  Continue reading “MSR Dragonfly fuel line replacement”

Experiment: electric immersion cup heater

I picked up one of of these immersion heaters from Amazon.  I find myself needing to heat small amounts of water for tea, for bathing, etc.    It’s part of the larger experiment to see how I might conserve cooking fuel.  This one is 300w;  I looked for a less powerful one (say 150-200w) but didn’t find one easily.  They are cheap enough that if I find another one at the lower power rating I’ll pick it up and pass this one on to someone else.

One of the benefits of directly heating small amounts of water is Continue reading “Experiment: electric immersion cup heater”

new location near Fort Pearce, UT

botched delivery

I relocated via St. George, UT, as I was having an Amazon package delivered to a local business.  The package was delivered by the Amazon label was smeared on mine and one other person’s package, rendering them unscannable by the business.  They are returning the packages to Amazon.  🙁

Fort Pearce

This morning’s view took the sting out of the boogered delivery:

The fort, a small building, was built by Mormon folk who wanted to protect their herds from marauding locals.   Continue reading “new location near Fort Pearce, UT”

cooking with Pareto

The Pareto Principle is famously interpreted to mean that 20% of the people do 80% of the work.  More formally, it says that “roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes”.

I’ve been experimenting and I think it also applies to cooking:  80% of the cooking is done by 20% of the fuel.    There are several factors in play that lead to our general overconsumption of cooking fuel: Continue reading “cooking with Pareto”

fragment: Housekeeping

[draft fragment from late August]


Got a lot done today, though at a leisurely pace.

Woke up at a stealth spot in a quiet neighborhood on the east side of the mountain.

First workout at the gym; the automatically adjusting treadmills are cool. My cardio was better than I thought but my stre hingth had diminished. I look forward to getting stronger again.

After leaving the gym i decided to stay put and organize some messes caused by the short timeline. Did that while letting the pvr box find local (and international!) channels.

Had a problem with the way Linux was naming the Alfa USB wifi card, so I researched that and fixed it. Should help pull in remote signals.

Day 2

Day 2 at work, and also 2nd workout at the gym.

I’ve been casting glances at the stair stepper.  I used to walk the stairs after lunch in Dallas (had a 1hr lunch there) and this looked like a useful development.   Hopped up there and guessed at the control functions.  Started quite slow in “fat burning” mode and I got impatient.  Continue reading “Day 2”

article: housing vehicle

from this article:

“Some people may look at it as a recreational vehicle, but for us, it’s housing,” Batcher says. “We call it our HV.”

She’s sharing the “HV” with one of her 25-year-old twin sons and says operating the vehicle has had a learning curve…

Operating the RV has been “complicated, but you get used to it.”

She also talks about cooking approaches:

“I’m a big crock pot fan, but it requires too much propane, and in the winter, we didn’t want to use the propane for cooking,” Batcher explains. So, she headed to Wal-Mart to buy a pressure cooker — and it’s not your mom’s old pressure cooker, either.

“Pressure cookers scare a lot of people, but the new ones have great technology,” she says, noting she uses it not only for cooking but also for washing dishes.

Pressure cookers are incredibly useful in a camper.  I don’t know what she meant about washing dishes;  maybe using it as a sterilizer?

Her pic reminds me of a lot of folks at the RTR:  happy, content, and forging a good life with modest means.