Hummingbird lost in vanslation

This little hummer flew in to check out the van and got confused by the sunlight coming through the windshield.  Normally I’d have the sunscreen completely up but it was blocking my Verizon signal.

I tried to guide him back the sliding door but he got panicky and started bumping into the glass.  I reached through and opened the passenger door where he flew out.

8500′ NE of cloudcroft




july, and a long weekend

Google says I was here in July:

Screenshot_2019-08-09 Timeline

Looks right to me.  I like the Ruidoso area as well Cloudcroft (near Alamagordo) but Ruidoso is a longer drive.

Right now I am outside Cloudcroft in a prime spot on the tip-top of a ridge.  I’ve been trying to get into it since I’ve been coming up here, but it’s popular and is usually occupied.  Last time I drove through there was a car “holding the place” and the campers didn’t arrive until the next day.   🙁

long weekend

Oops, prematurely hit the Publish button.

I mentioned my office’s transition to a 4×10 schedule earlier.  We have on average 3 days off a week, but sometimes 2 or 4.   I’m on one of those 4-day weekends right now.

I really needed it.