private land island, planning next move

Doggo and I walked down the road a bit to see what was past the cattle pen.     In the treeline we saw a travel trailer (not unusual) with the tires removed (unusual).

I consulted the US Public Lands app, which showed there were little enclaves of private land around.  I assume it was sitting on one of those:

Peach is BLM land. White is private.

next move

I’ve been wanting to get back onto a mid-week rather than late-week move schedule, so I’ll reprovision/relocate either tomorrow or Wednesday.

Lots of National Forest around.   Looks like we’re hitting a warming trend (in the 80s) so that might be the green light to keep heading north toward SLC.

Definitely want a solid bar of Verizon.  This 0 bar (LTE indicator still on) action is frustrating.  Doable but frustrating.


cows, no cows

Muffin and I took a walk up the road yesterday.  Some cattle haulers had gone that way earlier (fast, kicking up massive dust) and I could hear cows bellowing.

I am pleased there wasn’t much litter to pick up on the way.

there are many cattle in a pen in this pic (center right)

There is an old wooden corral on the right side of that pic.  I didn’t want to get the cattle riled up with Muffin or vice versa, so Continue reading “cows, no cows”

mail forwarding delay knock-on effects

I was scheduled to move on from the Cedar City area today (hitting the 14day limit).  So last week I asked the mail forwarder to bundle and send my mail – this would put the mail at the local USPS (general delivery) on the day of my relocation/reprovisioning.  Win-win.

Normally the bundle would go out with that day’s mail, but in this case it got delayed about 1.5 days.  Then USPS tracking wasn’t showing it was picked up at all.

Then USPS tracking blew up completely: Continue reading “mail forwarding delay knock-on effects”

over the hill

Ok, y’all saw this pic yesterday:

Ju-u-u-uust off the left edge of the pic is the Rocky Peak campground where I assume the kid was from.  It’s an improved campsite, which means there are trash cans, a pit latrine (BYOTP I hear), cooking rings, picnic tables, and numbered lots.

Amenities come at a price, in this case $5/night to stay on one of those lots.   I think $5 is a fair price for such improvements, just not on my self-imposed budget.  I am on the other side of the tracks hill where there are no amenities, no people, and no fees.  I am in a dispersed campsite (boondocking spot), which is basically just  a pull-off where prior campers have collected rocks for a fire ring.

The dirt two-track is rough enough that so far I have only seen ATVs, UTVs, dirtbikes and one Jeep come through.  They always look a little surprised to see the Big White Rolling Barn up here.  I have to go slow and pick my lines carefully.  There are scratch marks in the paint all the way down both sides of the van from many such adventures.  🙂

A few times on the way up here the stiff chassis + serious trail uneveness meant only one drive wheel was touching the ground.  The ABS-based traction control worked flawlessly and with no drama.   It’s an elegant and inexpensive solution once the ABS is already in place.

slight repositioning

Muffin and I were on a walk last evening and found a superior spot up the trail a bit.


  1. further off a “main” established trail
  2. allows me to orient the van differently — I prefer E-W orintation but I could only fit in N-S in the other spot while staying off fresh flora
  3. cool rocks
  4. tree canopies a bit higher – I was bumping into limbs before



  1. up against a hill on the east so I’m getting usuable solar power about 45mins later (0820) than before (0745).   Still achieving Vabs around the same time (1030) because of the generous paneling.

There’s also a bonus cooking rock at chest level:

Using the Coleman multifueler here because I got something physically clogged in the fuel line of the MSR dragonfly.   When I tore down the pump for maintenance/troubleshooting there were bits of the pump’s red plastic collected in places.  I don’t think the clog is that because there is a small filter downstream from the pump.

The fuel line is a bit annoying because the line is somehow crimped onto the burner on one end and a brass block on the other.   A breakdown of a similar model suggests there may be barbs to connect replacement hose to (see below).

I have a support ticket in to MSR asking them if they sell the line.  If not I’ll cut it off and roll my own with some fuel line and SS braid.  I’d like a bit longer line anyhow.  I’d really, really like to tear into the line now to see and measure the barbs and start planning a replacement but I’ll leave it intact until I hear back from MSR.




new digs: BLM land outside Cedar City, UT

I wanted to leave my previous spot this morning around 9am.  I was packing up when I heard Muffin losing her doggie gourd outside.   A hot-air balloon had been launched across the canyon and it was giving her fits:

I stopped in Hurricane, UT on the way out and refilled with water at a Texaco.  I’d recently bought a 50′ potable water hose, and it was immediately necessary.  By the time I topped off with gas and went around to the water a semi had blocked the water / dump area.  I parked behind him and ran the hose back to the van.  Not optimal, as I couldn’t directly monitor the water level and had to stop a gallon or two short.  I did fill the 5gal bladder, though, so I started the day with ~38gal.  The van does settle down to a more comfortable ride when both the gas and water tanks are full.

I also reprovisioned at the local wally world there, spending $88.  Some of that was Continue reading “new digs: BLM land outside Cedar City, UT”