snowbird reality

was looking at Santa Fe national forest as a boondocking location and looked up the current weather.

yeah, 102f in Dallas and 59f in Santa Fe.  sweet baby Jesus.

from mobile

thoughts on domicile

Doing more research.

Texas requires the annual in-state inspection which would be a pain if one ever returned “home.”  Maybe I just won’t come back.

I have zero interest in driving to Florida to establish residency.

Nevada mail forwarding companies are much less robust than the SD companies, which have TONS of info and help online.  NV residency is more difficult to get whereas SD requires only an overnight.

The only hangup is NM doesn’t have reciprocity with SD’s carry permit.  Hmmm.

Poor man’s Wifi Ranger

Wifi Rangers are nice, and they are also $$$.  That kind of setup does a couple of things:

  1. talk to more distant wifi access points (APs)
  2. repeat that link to the RV

Since I don’t have a few hundred bucks lying around but I do have a WRT54GL router I picked up for $8 at a garage sale, I decided to set that device up to repeat open wifi APs.  Here a straightforward tutorial to making it work.

yagiThat takes care of #2 up there.  #1 is addressed by either having the router up high away from metal walls (overcab area?) or mounting a better antenna.  I’ve done it the first way in a residential setting before.

I’ll try out a couple different antenna options next.  A yagi is on the way.

one or zero books

I used to love physical books.  At one point they were (by weight) my most significant posessions.

But I have moved to the Kindle and gotten rid of 95% of my books. The only physical books I own now are ones that do not yet exist in digital format.  I am gradually having them scanned/converted at

The one physical book I considered taking was Eckel’s Thinking In Java.  I’ve wanted to learn java for many many years and didn’t have time.  Well, time is coming up.  Maybe it won’t be java by then.

realization about used RVs

Right now my best estimate of my retirement is almost 9 years:  March 2025.

I’ve been looking at used RVs to see what I would get now.  That’s still important, I think, to learn about layouts and features.  But I should be looking at new RVs that will be 9 years old when I am ready to buy.

Dunno how I missed this.


de-spamming, archiving data, DD214

This is the progress I made today:

  1. went through a folder of mp3 CDs, backed them up to disk, tossed the CDs, and put the disc folder in the donation pile
  2. unsubscribed from about 20 sources of unwanted email.  Not only will this help decrease my inet bandwidth use but it will help me focus by removing a distraction.

This is absolutely going to work.

My employer is having annual benefit enrollment right now so HR is hammered.  They will be done on the 12th so that next monday I will call and find out where to send my DD214.

Then I can request a quote to buy back my military time as a part of this retirement.  That will get me 45 months closer to retirement.  That would be Feb 30, 2025.  Holy crap.

I am finishing up paying off debt this year so I wouldn’t be able to buy it until next year.  Price will go up another 10% on Sept 1, 2017 so I’ll want to do it before then.

Oh, come ON

What we didn’t need:

Bomb Squad Detonates Over a Dozen Bombs Found in RV Park

On July 14 Kingman, Arizona, police arrived at Zuni Village to tell stunned residents that they needed to get out, fast. Experts arrived with a robot to search Jones’ 40-foot motorhome, after connecting Jones to two bomb blasts that occurred 24-hours earlier in the rural town of Panaca, Nevada, leaving one dead.


from this article