durable goods

Since July when I started this blog, I have not purchased any durable (ie, non-consumable) goods that don’t fit the boondock plan.

Any durable thing I consider has to pass this test:   “will I use this in the camper”?  It’s helped me control my spending which helps with debt paydown.

Payday = pay off debt day

Making steady progress.

I got a respectable raise this month and poured it directly into debt payoff.  Also had about a $600 windfall and that went in, too.

So here is the nitty gritty from my spreadsheet:

months to cc payoff months to total payoff credit score
3.15 5.59 797

At my current rate I will pay off my credit card debt by the end of the year.  At that point my only other debt will be about $2k left on the motorcycle note.  So I will be debt free by March.

Then I snowball the debt payoff funds into savings to buy back the remainder of the military service time by Sept 1, 2017.

Working as designed, yo.

trend: domestic travel increases

While airlines and overseas travel destination vacation sales are slumping, domestic travel and destinations appear to be on the rise. Along with this, RV rentals and sales are expected to surge with more people taking up the RV life style.

They also list health benefits to RVing:  avoiding hotel bedbugs and areas with zika.  I would add that there is no TSA groping required (yet) for domestic travel.

from this article on Good Sam


Monday I woke up and realized:

if I won the lottery I would do exactly what I am planning to do, only earlier.

It is an amazing feeling.  I think it means I am on the right path.



there were many boxes of books in there and a broken vacuum.  replaced the books with eBook versions and tossed the vacuum.

This is happening.

VA medical benefits are portable

Today I finally looked up whether or not Veterans Administration benefits are geographically portable.  Good news!

Benefits on the Go. VA enrollment allows health care benefits to become portable throughout the entire VA system. Enrolled Veterans who are traveling or who spend time away from their primary treatment facility may obtain care at any VA health care facility across the country without the worry of having to reapply.

BLM seeks public comment on Mojave Trail

A series of envisioning sessions will enable the public to provide comments on specific interests and concerns that will assist the BLM in the development of the Mojave Trails National Monument Management Plan. These sessions are in advance of public scoping meetings which will begin in the fall.

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Article: SD Petrified Forest

At South Dakota’s Petrified Forest of the Black Hills, a museum open since 1929 near Rapid City, the earth has preserved a cypress swamp 120 million years old. This was the time of dinosaurs—when the Black Hills didn’t exist and the entire area was a flat, tropical swamp (similar to the cypress swamps found now in the southeast U.S.).

To view a petrified cypress forest up close, you can find this exhibit west of Rapid City just about one mile from Interstate-90 at Exit 46. Use your tow vehicle or dinghy for this “off-the-beaten-highway” side trip.

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