portland heat

There’s a bit of a heatwave in the Portland area (100F) that was supposed to be my next stop.   Not a big deal for Texas but Oregonians don’t have A/C to cope with such things.

It was about 10F cooler on the coast so I headed toward Seaside.  On the way there was a sign that said “DRINKING WATER .25 MILE” which caught my full boondocking attention.  Water came right off the mountain and into a concrete structure with a pipe:

tasty and cold enough to hurt

Didn’t time it, but I’m guessing 2-3gpm.   I put ~10gal in the tank and refilled the bladder since it was free and easy.

Free-flowing water is a hallmark of the Portland area, in my mind at least.  Reminds me of the downtown “bubblers”.   That and wild blackberry brambles as long as a city block.

Made it to Seaside around noon, and experienced my first traffic jam in a long time.  I guess people are trying to cool off at the beach. It was 90F when we arrived and has since dropped to 86F.

Muffin and I tried to make it to water but the sand was too hot to walk on.  I was surprised since it was a light buff color:

We went to a city park about a mile away to open up, reorganize, and let the dog sleep in the shade.  Coming up/down forest roads shakes everything loose and it’s a game up pick-up.

I need to do some laundry while in town.  I’ll look for a place after it cools down a bit.     My eventual goal is to re-visit Portland once the temps stabilize a bit.


stealthing in Provo

Yesterday was a little stressful.

I left Beaver and headed toward Richfield to reprovision.  On the way I saw Butch Cassidy’s cabin:

Nice little display.  You can enter the buildings, no litter, vault toilet and dumpster in the parking lot.

Just up the road from there a large tom turkey shuffled  across the road.

Tried to find a camping spot in the Nebo area;  many forest offshoot roads were closed, maybe due to sloppy conditions from snow meltoff.  There were a couple spots I found but none had data connectivity.   I used up a 1/3rd tank of gas driving through the mountains:

Ended up stealth camping in Provo.  Dog and I did some park walking and litter pickup.  Provo is right at the base of a mountain:

Don’t know if I will push on to SLC or stay here a bit.  Going to walk the downtown area today, I think.

new location near Fort Pearce, UT

botched delivery

I relocated via St. George, UT, as I was having an Amazon package delivered to a local business.  The package was delivered by the Amazon label was smeared on mine and one other person’s package, rendering them unscannable by the business.  They are returning the packages to Amazon.  🙁

Fort Pearce

This morning’s view took the sting out of the boogered delivery:

The fort, a small building, was built by Mormon folk who wanted to protect their herds from marauding locals.   Continue reading “new location near Fort Pearce, UT”