tablets –> chromebook

I had two android tablets and traded them in for a used chromebook.   It’s worked out well.

I had been both interested in and skeptical of the chromebook concept. I like things that are simple, but I worried what would happen when offline.

Let Me Google That for You

Turns out that even an older Chromebook like this one is pretty great.

  • Battery life is crazy good:  I charge it sometimes when I think about it.  🙂
  • Gmail works well offline
  • Runs android apps from Google Play natively.
  • Updates ChromeOS in a separate partition then boots into that half next time you restart it.
  • Has microsd slot!
  • best trackpad I’ve ever used
  • best wifi of any device I’ve ever used — not surprising since this thing is so dependant on the ‘net
  • the webcam is able to take images in challenging lighting.  I skype with my daughter and I’ll probably use this one from now on.


  • the update-the-unused-partition trick cuts into internal storage.  16GB chromey has ~9GB free.
  • The microsd is not well-integrated into the system.  Can’t save apps or app data to sd.  I’d like it to act like Android’s adopted storage.


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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience. I’ve had friends who’ve used it in various school and office settings, but they didn’t much for it. My concern is about whether they have enough Android apps to map to the Windows apps I have. Google Docs is awesome so I don’t need to worry about that, but I worry about other, more specialized apps. Have you had any experiences of that yet?

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