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Before I start — I have no problem with informed folks running a stove as a heater.

from this post:

I got banned [from a FB group] because I said that one could use a propane stove as a heater even though I made the point that a buddy heater actually creates more CO than the stove

It is not clear to me why one’s CO output would differ from the other (all other things being equal).  I have a CO monitor in my van and it has never come off zero with either the Buddy or stove running (both, when making coffee in the morning).

And in low oxygen environments the Buddy will shut off and the stove will not, creating drastically higher CO.  Buddy also has a tip sensor.

I wonder if OP is confusing the glow of the ceramic element with the color of incomplete combustion.

What am I missing here?








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  1. The Webasto and the Wave catalytics are very nice; they don’t fit my intended usage. I will not stay in the cold long enough to amortize a webasto install, and the Waves have to be covered so the element is not damaged by dust. I plan to be in warm desert places. 🙂

    At least two eurovans have fuel pickups for aux heaters: Transit and Promaster.

  2. I pay attention to humidity levels with a hygrometer, but the Buddy isn’t the main source of humidity for me. In my case it’s cooking and breathing, neither of which I am willing to do without. 🙂 I have never had condensation in the living area of my camper. Since I have a curtain between the living area and the cab, I will sometimes have fog on the inside of the windshield if it is cold outside.

    To control humidity I run ventilation constantly, even in subfreezing weather. In the cold I run the maxxfan pulling*in* at 10% to preserve the heat at the top of the space. It pushes air out a passive vent at the rear of the van. I also have a peltier dehumidifier that I run off a discretionary circuit:

    An externally-vented heater like the webasto would avoid introducing humidity, but AFAIK the catalytic heaters (Wave, etc) produce water vapor like combustion heaters.

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